March 2020 User Group

Join HMS Networks to learn how the evolving 5G standard addresses many of the challenges in network performance, scalability and reliability; and how these improvements can lead to better outcomes in terms of worker safety, legal compliance and reduced product loss.

Logix AOI for Modbus TCP

Typically when a Modbus connection is needed with a Logix controller, such as a ControlLogix or CompactLogix, an in-chassis module or external gateway would be needed. Encompass Partners such as ProSoft Technology, make in-chassis Modbus RTU and TCP/IP modules for both the CompactLogix (1769) and ControlLogix (1756) platforms.

February 2020 User Group

Dialight’s IntelliLED™ lighting controls can be tightly integrated with other systems within a facility, allowing site managers to consolidate control systems and simplify maintenance procedures. By integrating with Rockwell Automation Logix controllers, users have access to the advanced features of Dialight’s lighting network controls and can create their own logic and control systems to manage Dialight’s advanced controls, using Dialight sensors and system status messages as input.

New How-to Videos on CompactLogix 5380 from Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation recently published three “how-to” videos for the 5380 CompactLogix family of controllers and 5069 Compact I/O. Compact 5000 I/O Field Potential Distributor (5069-FPD) use cases This video introduces the advantages of using a Compact 5000™ I/O Field Potential Distributor (5069-FPD) module. Learn how this power distribution […]

New Motor Protection Circuit Breakers Offer Space, Time and Cost Savings

Engineers can use the new Allen-Bradley 140MP Motor Protection Circuit Breakers from Rockwell Automation to simplify motor protection. The circuit breakers, also known as motor-protective switching devices, can be mounted on Allen-Bradley 100-C or 100-K contactors to create a two-component motor starter. The devices provide magnetic short-circuit protection and thermal-overload […]