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Solution Spotlight: CT Shorting Module from Emphatec

Current Transformers, or CTs, are important elements in power monitoring and protective relaying applications. A CT will step-down higher line currents to a safe level (typically 0-5 A) for use in control panels. But there is an inherent danger when using CTs. Extreme caution must be taken to […]

Rockwell Automation Helps Simplify Integrating Safety into Machines

Machine designers are required to design safety into more industrial systems than ever. To help them design more easily and meet their other application requirements, Rockwell Automation has seven new safety modules across three I/O platforms. This offers designers both local and distributed safety I/O options and a wide range of performance and connectivity attributes to help improve compliance and machine performance.

June 2019 User Group

ztC Edge is a zero-touch, fully virtualized and self-protecting computing platform, specifically designed for industrial edge environments. With built-in remote management and user-installable in less than an hour, ztC Edge significantly reduces the IT burden for virtualized computing at the edge. Its self-protecting and self-monitoring features help reduce unplanned downtime and ensure availability of business-critical industrial applications.

New version of M2Web offers easy monitoring of KPI’s from Ewon-connected machines

With M2Web, users benefit from secure browser-based mobile access to KPI’s from remote machines via Ewon Flexy products, enabling users to connect to e.g. a remote HMI, web server, PC, panels and more. M2Web does not require any software installation – the user simply needs to open a standard browser. In M2Web, the information is presented in a modern responsive graphical interface, and a map view has been implemented to enable a global perspective of installed machines in the field.

May 2019 User Group

Our May User Group for South Louisiana will highlight the new features in Version 11 of FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE), and show how the ISA101 High Performance HMI standards can be implemented.

Learn More About LogixAI

New AI module provides predictive analytics without a data scientist, eases decision-making What if you could predict anomalies like an overheating engine or a faulty drive? How about anticipating future equipment degradation?  You can now with FactoryTalk Analytics LogixAI. Now available, this embedded analytics module is unlike anything […]

April 2019 User Group

Introduction to CIP SecuritySouth Louisiana User Group Audio Recording (Podcast) Presentation About our Topic As industrial companies use digital transformation to improve productivity and profitability, they must also address its inherent security risks. CIP Security was created to help protect critical industrial communications as part of a defense-in-depth security strategy. […]