Category: Industrial Controls

New CIP Safety Encoders Help Improve Productivity

New Allen-Bradley 843ES CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP Absolute Encoders can meet the needs of safety applications that require speed, direction or position-monitoring functions and, at the same time, help users be more productive. The encoders are the first on the market on CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP capable of up to […]

Dialight IntelliLED Smart Industrial Lighting Control Podcast

The industrial automation podcast features conversations with the specialists from The Reynolds Company, a Rockwell Automation authorized distributor. Each episode brings on a new topic and guest to explore the evolving landscape of industrial automation, controls and power distribution. Dialight IntelliLED Smart Industrial Lighting ControlFebruary 2020 User Group […]

New Motor Protection Circuit Breakers Offer Space, Time and Cost Savings

Engineers can use the new Allen-Bradley 140MP Motor Protection Circuit Breakers from Rockwell Automation to simplify motor protection. The circuit breakers, also known as motor-protective switching devices, can be mounted on Allen-Bradley 100-C or 100-K contactors to create a two-component motor starter. The devices provide magnetic short-circuit protection and thermal-overload […]

What to See at Automation Fair 2019 – Smart Devices

Visit the Smart Devices booth to learn how our smart products—smart sensing, smart safety and smart motor control—connect raw data from one machine or your entire plant back to your desk. Smart Devices are a highlight of our full line of industry-leading drives, industrial control and power control components.

Solution Spotlight: CT Shorting Module from Emphatec

Current Transformers, or CTs, are important elements in power monitoring and protective relaying applications. A CT will step-down higher line currents to a safe level (typically 0-5 A) for use in control panels. But there is an inherent danger when using CTs. Extreme caution must be taken to […]

New Photoelectric Sensor from Rockwell Automation Built for Demanding Applications

High-performance sensor offers long-distance detection and increased environmental tolerance for industries such as food and beverage, material handling and packaging The new Allen-Bradley 42AF RightSight M30 photoelectric sensor from Rockwell Automation is the latest addition to the smart sensing portfolio. Built with improved environmental resistance and long-distance detection in a […]