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Device Level Ring (DLR) Phase 3 Redundant Gateway

In March 2020, Rockwell Automation released what is referenced as Phase 3 of Device Level Ring (DLR) architectures. Phase 3 bring the capability of Redundant Gateway to a DLR ring. With Redundant Gateways, multiple communication paths between a DLR ring and the surrounding network infrastructure are possible. Redundant […]

Design Considerations for Reliable EtherNet/IP Networking Podcast

The industrial automation podcast features conversations with the specialists from The Reynolds Company, a Rockwell Automation authorized distributor. Each episode brings on a new topic and guest to explore the evolving landscape of industrial automation, controls and power distribution. Design Considerations for Reliable EtherNet/IP NetworkingJanuary 2020 User Group […]

Network Resiliency – EtherChannel

An EtherChannel (or port group) is a group of two or more Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet switch ports bundled into a single logical link, creating a higher bandwidth link between two switches. Each EtherChannel can consist of up to eight compatible, configured Ethernet ports. The switch supports up to six EtherChannels.

Configure Stratix Switches for FactoryTalk Network Manager

FactoryTalk Network Manager was introduced by Rockwell Automation at last year’s Automation Fair in Houston. Its purpose is to give you insight into the performance of your network in context of your automation assets by leveraging information available via the Stratix managed switch. You can easily view your network […]