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August 2018 User Group

August 2018 Louisiana User Group Introduction to Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) Presentations: Introduction to VFDs Presentation PowerFlex Family of Low Voltage Drives Presentation About Our Topic: We’re going back to basics, as our August User Group will be an introduction to Variable Frequency Drives, or VFDs.  A VFD is […]

PowerFlex 755T Emergency Override Function

Question On a PowerFlex 755T, what is emergency over-ride and how does it work? Answer The purpose of the function is to allow the drive or bus supply to override its internal protections (faults) in emergency situations. This function is important for applications where customers would trade product longevity for […]

IntelliCENTER Integration Unit

Rockwell Automation Gives Operators a Single View of Process and Electrical System Data IntelliCENTER Integration Unit brings systems together to improve visibility and optimize control In our May 2018 User Group, we discussed IEC 61850 and the new IntelliCENTER Integration Unit.  Below is a recent Rockwell Automation Press […]

May 2018 User Group

May 2018 Louisiana User Group Integrating IEC 61850 Devices in a Control System About Our Topic: The IEC 61850 standard defines a communication interface that monitors and controls electrical distribution systems with one common platform regardless of manufacturer. Substation equipment has evolved from electro-mechanical to microprocessor-based relays then allowing […]

February 2018 User Group

February 2018 Louisiana User Group IntelliCENTER MCC Networking Design   In our February User Group, we looked at IntelliCENTER technology from Rockwell Automation.  This discussion was about best networking practices to integrate your MCC data into you automation system. About Our Topic: IntelliCENTER technology features built-in Ethernet, intelligent motor […]

New Product Spotlight: PanelView 5310

The PanelView 5000 Graphic Terminals from Rockwell Automation, offer an intuitive, modern design and provides enhanced Logix integration that uses Studio 5000 View Designer software. This integration allows engineers to enter configuration information once and use it for the entire automation design. It also helps you build modern applications […]

PowerFlex 750/520 Series: EtherNet connection issues

The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent… PowerFlex 750/520 Series: EtherNet connection issues Case Number: 116268 Date Created: 12/09/2010 | Last Updated: 07/02/2017 In this week’s Tech Files, we feature a recent call about a PowerFlex […]

August 2017 User Group

August 2017 Louisiana User Group Smart Motor Control with the E300 Electronic Overload Relay About Our Topic: The E300 Electronic Overload Relay is the newest technology for overload protection. Its modular design, communication options, diagnostic information, simplified wiring, and integration into Logix technology make this the ideal overload for motor […]

May 2017 User Group

May 2017 Louisiana User Group Power Quality and Energy Management In our May Users Group we discussed solutions to help you improve both your energy management and power quality within your industrial facility. Agenda: The importance of maintaining Power Quality in your process, and the need for Energy Management Solutions for implementing Energy […]