Edge Computing Solutions

Not all IIoT and smart devices on a factory floor need to consume network bandwidth connecting to cloud-based computing solutions. Edge computing can be used to process data closer to where it is created, such at the device layer on the plant floor (such as for motors, pumps, […]

ThinManager Roadshow

ThinManager Workshops – New Orleans: March 19th, 20th or 21st , 2019 DATES March 19, 20 or 21, 2019 LOCATION The Reynolds Company700 Elmwood Parkway, Suite AHarahan, LA 70123 About the ThinManager Workshop This 1-day workshop is designed to teach attendees how to set up, configure and manage […]

January 2019 User Group

GuardLink technology is a safety-based communications protocol that links safety to The Connected Enterprise. Allen-Bradley Guardmaster smart safety devices that feature GuardLink technology deliver information, advanced functionality, and flexibility. This technology helps enhance safety and increase machine- and plant-wide efficiency.

New Photoelectric Sensor from Rockwell Automation Built for Demanding Applications

High-performance sensor offers long-distance detection and increased environmental tolerance for industries such as food and beverage, material handling and packaging The new Allen-Bradley 42AF RightSight M30 photoelectric sensor from Rockwell Automation is the latest addition to the smart sensing portfolio. Built with improved environmental resistance and long-distance detection in a […]

Sending an Email from a Logix Controller

Occasionally we’ll get asked how to send an email from a Logix controller. An email can be useful to send to a specific person when a controller application generates an alarm or reaches a certain condition, or to send current controller or application status information. This is especially […]

Logging Data from Logix Controllers

Logging data from a controller is a useful feature to see trends in a machine, or process, or for monitoring remote skids. Having historical data available can help you troubleshoot problems, or optimize your process. Logix controllers don’t log data natively, so to speak (meaning simple check a […]