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Product Selection Toolbox

Did you know that Rockwell Automation provides a complete set of tools that can help you specify and design your industrial automation projects?  And best of all, these tools are completely free! The Product Selection Toolbox is a collection of product selection and system design software tools that […]

Cybersecurity Update: New Stratix 5950

March 2017 Louisiana Users Group Cybersecurity Update: New Stratix 5950 In our March Users Group seminar, Divya Venkataraman, Product Manager – Network Infrastructure & Security, with Rockwell Automation, gave an update of ICS cybersecurity trends, and introduced the new Stratix 5950 security appliance. About out topic: As industrial organizations move towards greater visibility […]

Best in Show Automation Fair 2016

December 2016 Louisiana Users Group Best in Show: Automation Fair Review In our December 2016 Louisiana Users’ Group seminar we highlighted the best of Automation Fair 2016, and what’s to come in 2017. Slides: december-2016-users-group-best-in-show References: 1606-xlb-basic-power-supply – 1606-XLB Basic Power Supply iolink-br001_-en-p – IO-Link Brochure compactlogix-5480-5069-sp002_-en-p – CompactLogix 5480 enet-pp007_-en-p – Stratix 5950 Security Appliance Links: http://www.rockwellautomation.com/global/events/automation-fair/overview.page […]

IO-Link: The Last Meter to the Internet of Things

by: Shannon Foos and Kevin Zomchek, Rockwell Automation A significant hurdle stands in the way of industrial operations attempting to realize the full benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT). That hurdle is comprised of the billions of sensors, actuators and other instrumentation that lie beyond the reach of the Internet […]

Smarter Sensors with IO-Link

October 2016 Louisiana Users Group Smarter Sensors with IO-Link The topic for our October 2016 Louisiana Users’ Group seminar was Smarter Sensors with IO-Link. IO-Link Technology is a worldwide open-standard protocol that integrates sensors into our Connected Enterprise by connecting the IO-Link enabled device into an IO-Link master module. You can deliver […]

Building the Modern DCS

September 2016 Louisiana Users Group Building the Modern DCS: PlantPAx In our September Users Group seminar we took a look at building the modern DCS.  The modern DCS can deliver the same core capabilities of a traditional system while addressing many of its inherent challenges. Built on contemporary technology, a modern […]

Whats New with MCCs and Drives

August 2016 Louisiana Users Group What’s New with Low Voltage MCCs and Low and Medium Voltage Drives In our August 2016 Louisiana Users’ Group seminar we took a look at the latest solutions from Rockwell Automation for low voltage MCCs and low and medium voltage drives. About Low Voltage MCCs: Allen-Bradley’s CENTERLINE 2100 NEMA […]

Product Selection Toolbox

May 2016 New Orleans Users Group Gaining Productivity with Rockwell Automation’s Product Selection Toolbox In our May Users Group seminar, we showed ways to gain productivity, and simplify your design, product specification and bid process with Rockwell Automation’s Product Selection Toolbox. The Product Selection Toolbox is a suite of product […]

Power Quality and Energy Monitoring Solutions

March 2016 New Orleans Users GroupPower Quality and Energy Monitoring Solutions for Your Industrial FacilityOur March Users Group seminar topic was a look at power quality and energy monitoring solutions for your industrial facility. About our topic:To remain competitive in today’s marketplace, manufacturers simply must do more with less. And that […]

Intrinsic Safety

February 2016 New Orleans Users Group Intrinsic Safety: Hazloc Overview, Product Selection and Applications Our topic for the February Users Group seminar was Intrinsic Safety: Hazloc Overview, Product Selection and Applications. Intrinsic Safety modules connect intrinsically safe rated equipment, such as transmitters, solenoids, proximity sensors and encapsulated assemblies, with control systems. […]