Industrial Wireless and 5G Podcast

The industrial automation podcasts feature conversations with the specialists from The Reynolds Company, a Rockwell Automation authorized distributor. Each episode brings on a new topic and guest to explore the evolving landscape of industrial automation, controls and power distribution. Industrial Wireless and 5GMarch 2020 User Group In this episode, Jason Block, with HMS Networks, presents at … Continue reading Industrial Wireless and 5G Podcast

February 2020 User Group

Dialight’s IntelliLED™ lighting controls can be tightly integrated with other systems within a facility, allowing site managers to consolidate control systems and simplify maintenance procedures. By integrating with Rockwell Automation Logix controllers, users have access to the advanced features of Dialight’s lighting network controls and can create their own logic and control systems to manage Dialight’s advanced controls, using Dialight sensors and system status messages as input.

January 2020 User Group

Design Considerations for Reliable EtherNet/IP NetworkingSouth Louisiana User Group Video and Audio Recording Index 05:22 – Industrial Networking Design Introduction 09:50 – Managed Infrastructure (Managed Switches) 21:22 – Segmentation (VLAN) 28:49 – Topology Design Considerations (Star, Ring, Linear) 44:20 – Device Level Ring (DLR) 53:36 – Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) 59:59 – Tenets of CPwE … Continue reading January 2020 User Group